Kingfish212{already denied once}

Applications for returning players that lost their whitelist entry (not banned).

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Kingfish212{already denied once}

Post by Kingfish212 » Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:26 pm

Previously denied here: viewtopic.php?f=86&t=3204

-In Game Name: Kingfish212
-Your age: 17
-Timezone: Eastern Time
-What country are you from? USA
-What times do you typically play? Weekends, occasionally weekday evenings

New Questions
-You were most likely phased out due to inactivity, why do you think this time would be any different? My life had gotten very busy and I had no time for video games. Now my commitments have slowed down and I have a lot more time to do things I enjoy, like engage with this community.
-How frequently do you anticipate you'll be able to play? Probably every weekend and a bit of time during evenings during the week.
-About how many hours per week do you think you'd be able to log in? 4-5, I would estimate.
-Rate how active you were as a community player on a scale of 1-10. 10 is being super community-minded with high participation in events, leading events, wiki edits, team speak, a variety of player interaction, forum posts, etc. 6 or 7. I was very active in social with talking to people on the server and welcoming them, but I could have been more involved with events and the forum. I hope to improve that this time around, but I will continue to be friendly ad welcoming.
-How did you contribute to the community when you were active? I was always very talkative and social on the server, and i was always looking for opportunities to work together with other members on builds and the like.
-How do you think players perceive you on the server? A positive influence, neutral, or negative influence? Positive, I think. I was always very friendly and I think I contributed to the welcoming atmosphere of the server.
-In light of your previous answers, how will you improve yourself and your interactions? I'll work to engage more in community events and forum discussions. I'll also try to get on TS more.

ImagineCraft Rules and Guidelines
-Please read the rules: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1506. You'll need to input keyword(s) below from the rules link into your application or else it will be automatically rejected.
--Three Keywords: {no}
-Please comment on our rules and guidelines. Is there anything that you might not understand, or that you disagree with? Please explain your thoughts and reasoning. Everything still seems fair!

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