LegorveGenine - Hoth

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LegorveGenine - Hoth

Post by legorvg9 » Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:11 pm

This is my entry for the August Event: Hoth!

Wiki Description: "Battle your friends on the snowy battlegrounds of the fictional planet Hoth. Each side features 2 bases with archery turrets, snowspeeders, and satellites. You can run through the open middle straight to your enemies or fight for control of the AT-AT."

It's a CTF map very obviously based off of Star Wars. Each side features has a safe player and flag spawn room that can only be exited towards the middle of the base and out into the snowy battlefield.
The Archery Turrets on either side are on accessible through the player spawns, and cannot be accessed once you leave spawn.
The mutually contested AT-AT provides nearly all of the cover in the middle of the map. Players can climb its legs to fight for control of the dominant sniper positions as well as advance your players towards the enemy base.
This map will be home to small 2v2 battles, as well as intense 5v5 wars.
(Screenshots were taken before the map update, so now the flag rooms require you to crouch to enter!)
~Legorve Genine

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