Notice to All Applicants! - There are no ban appeals on ImagineCraft

Post your application here if you wish to join ImagineCraft. As a reminder, we require our players to be 17 years of age or older.

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Notice to All Applicants! - There are no ban appeals on ImagineCraft

Postby Ekzim » Thu Sep 01, 2016 10:51 pm

I'd like to make it abundantly clear to any newcomer to ImagineCraft that we operate strictly on a one-strike, you're gone policy. We take banning a player with the utmost seriousness and it is never done without having an arsenal of data to go off of before we pull the trigger on lowering the guillotine.

There are very few things that will earn you a ban, they are: X-raying, using a texture Pack modification for easier access to ores, griefing, bullying players or having a super bad attitude (we understand bad days, this is more than that), or any other offenses that violate our rules.

We strive on keeping our community outstanding and these behaviors are not wanted here.

Some individuals recently elected to utilize texture packs for mining or x-ray modifications and were very surprised when they found out that we do not have a ban appeal process.

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