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Post by Onlycoops » Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:41 pm

About You
-In Game Name: Onlycoops
-What is your age? (17 or older only): 23
-Timezone: EST
-What country are you from? United States
-What times do you typically play? Typically after 6pm during the weekday, scattered on the weekends
-Do you or have you ever griefed other players? (Destroying their buildings, ransacking their items, generally being a nuisance)?Nope, I am a very pacifist individual as it is.
-What do you like to do in Minecraft? Build elaborate homes that serve a variety of purposes. I am always looking for ways to make new/unique bases
-How are you prepared to be a community player and not an isolated individual? Interaction with others and assistance with buildings. I am not the brightest with redstone as I have never dabbled in it much, but I do enjoy finding new ways to make unique bases especially in survival.
-What are some of your proudest moments in Minecraft? I love making buildings themed over different areas in the world. Whether it is modern, eastern, ext, I love finding ways to replicate builds in the real world.
-A little bit about yourself: I am engaged to a women from South Korea and live a modest life. I am a Social Worker who works with children on a day to day basis.

How Did You Find Us? Excited to start up again due to a long hiatus. Friends with FSCarver who I use to play with as well as Sirrus and Darkphoto
-What website did you see ImagineCraft advertised on? Did not see the site advertised
-Were you referred by someone? If so: Who? FSCarver. We are very good friends who I am actually hoping to fly out to my wedding in September :)

ImagineCraft Rules and Guidelines
-Please read the rules: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1506. You'll need to input keyword(s) below from the rules link into your application or else it will be automatically rejected.
--Keyword(s): Redacted-2-Thom
-ImagineCraft in-game chat is to be swear-free (except hell, damn, and ass) due to having minors that were here prior to us going 17+ or are accompanied by their parental unit with supervised play. Do you understand?: Of course.
-Please comment on our rules and guidelines. Is there anything that you might disagree with? Please explain your reasoning. Not at this time. I am a very easy going person.

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Re: Onlycoops

Post by Sixthflame » Sat Dec 17, 2016 3:02 pm

well, FSC's been a great addition so far; let's see if you can show him up.

Once your forum permissions get upgraded, check out the "new start here".

See you ingame shortly
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